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‘Opening The Lotus workshops, as well as my private readings, are based on my ability as aclairsentient to read my clients energy by watching my own, rather like a biofeedback instrument. I use this ability to assist people in becoming more aware of their own energy responses which are often unconscious. As we become more conscious of how we are limiting ourselves, healing automatically follows.

I am also available to give lectures to familiarize people with my work as a psychic and educate people about metaphysics. These may range from 30 minutes (radio or television), up to half-day seminars in person. Frequently I give a talk as an introduction for groups who may want readings or a workshop especially for their group. I encourage audience participation, enjoy fielding questions and often include a series of mini-readings for audience members. Contact me for more information.’

See schedules page for workshops currently offered

Someone else's action should not determine your response.

Dalai Lama


These workshops are offered whenever a group of people expresses an interest. If you are interested, contact Maitra (see contact page) and let her know. Also check the schedule page to see if one is being offered near you.


Opening The Lotus I and II
A psychic development course for those wishing to open the third eye, develop intuition, and remain grounded in the heart while doing healing work on themselves or others.

Past Lives Revisited 
An easy way to remember past incarnations and their impact on the present. Gain a better understanding of deep soul connections.

Regression Training
Learn the techniques for taking yourself and others back in time using a deep Meditation method. Brings healing and understanding, releasing your energy for the present.

Opening the Heart
Practices that teach you to keep your heart open and flowing with universal, unconditional love. Enables you to overcome fear and resistance with loving kindness for the self.

Tarot: Mandala for the Millennium
The tarot is a holy book depicting the soul's journey through the human experience, teaching the steps of evolution to become a fully conscious, enlightened being. Tarot gives a profound and practical understanding of metaphysics.

Awakening The Oracle
The answers you long for are within you. We use guided meditation and other techniques to awaken the latent but powerful inner voice, and then overcome our resistance to trusting it.

Decoding Your Potential
Discovering and developing the mind/body link and bring wholeness and healing to the self. Become familiar with the inner voice and move consciously into your potential.

Amazing Women’s Psychic Retreat
For women seeking to open their hearts more, increase perception, and support each other in becoming more familiar and comfortable with their own power.


Opening the Lotus Potential Training

A powerful combination of the first 5 workshops described above, offering, over a two year period, the opportunity to move more fully into your potential and take action regarding your life’s purpose. Brings a fuller alignment with your inner teacher, more conscious awareness of the guidance available to you from within, the ability to trust your own perceptions and the freedom to express your Self more clearly. A more detailed course description in the brochure below. Certificate on completion.

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